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Customized Artwork

What media does Aarti work in?

"I work in Acrylics and Oils on gallery wrapped canvas, which are my preferred medium"
All original artwork is the property of Aarti Bartake. I do not sell the rights to my images, whether commissioned or otherwise. You are simply purchasing the original artwork.

Will Aarti paint smaller paintings or other small work?

I only accept commission for paintings larger than 24 inch x 24 inch

Artwork Price - Please contact me for custom artwork pricing.

Pricing includes up to 2 revisions as needed. Framing and Shipping extra $$$

How long do customized paintings take to complete ?

Due to the high demand and busy schedule, custom work takes 2/3 weeks depending on the waiting list. Please be sure to contact me with adequate time in advance of the deadline and note when it is needed.

What is the payment process?

All customized work requires a 50% down payment to cover material costs and as a deposit.
A contract will be signed that verifies you agree to the custom painting and understand that this type of artwork takes time and will be unique from other artworks. You will agree that regardless of outcome, 50% of payment is non-refundable as this is covering the artist's time and materials put into the work. I strive to offer you something that you will be completely satisfied and happy to own!

What do you receive with your customized painting?

Every artwork is designed according to details given. When I work on a custom piece, you will receive a final photo before it is sent, so you can see if it's how you want it. Once you make the final payment your artwork gets shipped!
You will receive a Certificate of Authenticity to go with your original art!

How does customizing a painting work?

When you contact me to consult on your customized painting, we go over everything in detail with you regarding your painting. We decide your choice of size, color and selection of previous works you would like your piece to be like most. We then go over pricing, process times and payment options.